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Fragra is marketing automation that uses tactics.
Prospects are targeted, based on their activities, and receive specific content and marketing, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale

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Content Marketing

Marketing Automation

Upsale Value

Increase the lifetime value of each customer. Marketing automation allows you to target the right customers with the right messages, at the right time.

Lead Nurturing

From nurturing leads to selling more to your current client base, marketing automation can help you generate more sales revenue from customers.

Generating More Sales

Give each lead the time it deserves. Marketing automation takes the manual work away from the sales team. Automating the use of email enables you to track and measure prospect activity easily and accurately.

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Email Builder

Create Your Own Email Templates

Our easy to use drag and drop email builder allows even a beginner to create beautiful email templates for their marketing campaigns in minutes

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Build web forms online

Try our custom Form Builder

Fragra lets you build web forms on the fly, helping you gather data from web visitors without having to get your website developers involved.

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Organise your work with Tasks

Fragra will know when your leads are performing an activity, such as looking at the pricing page on your website, and can set tasks for you to follow up automatically

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How it works?

Sales tools

Engage with your data

In order to successfully manage new leads that follow your content and arrive at your website you will need a nurture program in place. Big businesses use system such as Fragra for their lead nurture and marketing automation. These systems will identify who is looking at what on your website and then carry out relevant marketing to those people on your behalf, helping them along the sales funnel.

Using tools like Fragra you can literally let your leads choose their own path to the sales funnel because the marketing automation system is tracking their behaviour. It knows what the visitor is looking at and so can decide to add them to different nurture campaigns based on what pushes their buttons!

Lead Generation